Work hard. Play hard.


When you join Obayashi, you are joining an incredible team. Every one of our employees contributes to our culture of 3C which stands for Communication – Continuous Improvement – Challenges.
It’s what encourages us to become the best quality contractor in Vietnam.


With hundreds of projects active at one time, Obayashi is one of the largest construction companies in Vietnam. We thrive in high-energy environments, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and are passionate about our work and our partners’ success because we are owners. Every position within Obayashi offers challenging opportunities, professional growth, and the excitement of seeing the results of your hard work being built before your eyes.


At Obayashi, hard work is rewarded. We celebrate accomplishments, milestones, successes, and project completions as a team. A lot brings us together—from health and wellness challenges to ESG activities, there will be plenty of opportunities to build relationships with your fellow coworkers.

We know our greatest asset is our people and at Obayashi, we are stronger together.


We believe in making a difference in the communities in which our employees live and work. Focusing on quality is at the core of our guiding principles, and because of the commitment of Obayashi employees, we always bring our enthusiasm to our work and our service.

We are a company that not only builds great building, but also builds hope for individuals and families in the communities we serve.