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Career Development


In Obayashi, People is one of important company's asset. Obayashi People is the unique asset that other company don't have. So, one of Obayashi culture is to let our people challenge themselves and continueous development. Obayashi business target is become the best quality contractor in Vietnam.

To deliver products and services to contribute to the user's convinience, and develop Obayashi Group's business, it is essential for the company to step up its efforts to develop human talent that can participate actively, and grow.

It is also essential that the company creates an organizational culture in which all individual employees can fully deploy their talents regardless of age, gender, or nationality.


Obayashi People'Career Development's support.


1. Internal training:

The yearly training programs are made for all of employee to provide them enough knowledge to skill up and adapt new assigment. The trainer are our manage, senior manager or even general manager who have many many year experience can support our people not only the knowlege but also skill and attitude to move up.


2. External training:

Obayashi people are encouraged to join the training courses are conducting by experts or influencers from outside of your company. We hope through the training course our people will be imparted new skills, new knowledge.

Not only the technical knowledge training, but also softskill training including self development program are implemented to support our people to understand themself to have reasonable personal development plan.


3. Job Rotation:

In our company, people are allowed and encouraged to rotate to other position, orther department to challenge new assigment, gain their knowledge,skill and relationship…by taking on new responsibilities.

A job rotation strategy can point out an employee’s strengths and weaknesses.


4. On job training in Japan:

This program also for supporting our people to gain their knowledge, skill from the expert of the developed like Japan.

They are reached the modern technical skill, knowledge…only have in developed country.

Our people who joined this program said that they learn a lot, not only the technical knowledge but also the working way, working attitude...


5. Job Advisory: (consider)

This is monthly activation that our manager will seat together with there staff to give them advise about their job, their career.

They will have detailed discussion about their ability, what they done well, what skill they have to improve...This program will help our people to reach their personal plan easy and quickly.


Career Path

Career Development is one of most important thing to the employee.

We Understand the importance of employee development and we are increasing efforts to establish clear strategies for how talent will be grown from within.

In order to support our people to develop and progress within our organization, Career Path are establish and non stop improving to reach employee maximum satisfaction.