Social corporate responsibility, one of OVC’s policies came into force in 2012

Akari Sasaki has been the second Japanese Internee after Ms. Megumu Onodera who was the first Japanese Interne in our company last year, and in the third group of Internship in OVC after two Vietnamese Students in University of Foreign Relations since our social corporate responsibility established in 2012. She is in her third year at Psychology at Tohoku Fukushi University in Japan. As a psychology major, she not only needs to take math classes that fulfill her school’s general education requirements as well as additional statistics requirements to fulfill your program's core requirements and compulsory courses but also needs to take practical experience in real life for studying of social influences on behavior and the interaction between individuals and groups, analyzing background in personality development. Her length of the internship program is from August 19th, 2013 to August 29th, 2013. The main reason she’s chosen OVC for her internship is that she would like to learn how Obayashi Vietnam Corporation uses the latest construction technology of Japan in Vietnam especially in barrier-free and welfare fields. After two weeks internship, we found that she is a cheerful and positive person who is very active in learning and communicating. We hope our support will be helpful in some ways for her future career as well as her life experience.

The problem is what she can learn after two weeks if practicing in our company which seems to be uninvolved in her future career? How much OVC’s programs will provide her career relevant to psychology? Psychology interne like her doesn’t have the chance to work with real patients in the field - invaluable experience for those aspiring to become psychology professionals.  Our target is to equip internes some basic entry-level skills performing in a professional working environment. Although she cannot see psychological theories and concepts come to life in addition to the real-world application of psychology or gain hands-on experience, she can explore career possibilities and build her network by meeting people who are working in various field even not to match her career goals during her two-internship weeks at OVC. Maybe, this is an important opportunity for her to “try out” a career before deciding if it is the right path for her or not? Or she may discover even more job opportunities outside of her internship site

In a short introduction at the first day at internship, she said: “what I want to do is that when someone in trouble, feeling sad, I can apply my psychological knowledge to help them happier or to help them reduce stress effectively” 

OVC promises to give plenty of support as much as possible to Internes; however, we are afraid that it doesn’t work well as expected because of difficulties in communication such as different language, different culture, different study and specialty which benefit foreign internes most.


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