Report of Internal Safety Training 25, 26/Mar, 26/ST-OVC

Report of Internal Safety Training

Reference No.: 03/Site/2015/March 25, 26/ST-OVC 

Training Date: 

Contents: Activities in 2015 Safety Week; Report Details for Safety Week; 
Concept of New Safety Motto/Logo.


I. Photos of Training:



II. Contents and List of Attending Staffs:
    II.1. Contents:
         -  Activities in 2015 Safety Week
         -  Safety Week Report Details.
         -  Concept of New Safety Motto/Logo.    
    II.2.  List  of Attending Staffs: 


No  Full Name Project  Title    Remark
 1 Thuong Nguyen Dinh Phuong  Aeon Mall Binh Tan Deputy Project Manager
 2 Tran Trung Hai  Aeon Mall Binh Tan  Chief Engineer
 3 Tran Vu Cong Hieu  Aeon Mall Binh Tan  Engineer
 4  Bui Thanh Tung  Aeon Mall Binh Tan  Engineer
 5  Pham Xuan Long   Aeon Mall Binh Tan  Engineer   
  6   Ngo Van Phuc  Aeon Mall Binh Tan   Engineer   
 7  Tran Thanh Thien  Aeon Mall Binh Tan   Engineer   
  8  Pham Thanh Khoa    Sanwa Egg Factory   Chief Engineer  
 9  Ha Le Anh Nguyen  Sanwa Egg Factory  Chief Engineer  
10   Thai Binh Thi  Sanwa Egg Factory  Engineer   
11  Bui Liem Si   Sanwa Egg Factory  Engineer   
12 Dang Anh Duc   Sanwa Egg Factory  Engineer   
13  Tran Le Khoa  Sanwa Egg Factory   Engineer   
14   Luu Thanh Hoang  Sakata Ink New Factory  Deputy Project Manager  
15  Nguyen Quoc Dung  Sakata Ink New Factory   Engineer    
16  Nguyen Khoa Nam  Sakata Ink New Factory   Engineer    
17   Pham Tran Duat Sakata Ink New Factory   Engineer    
18   Bui The Huy Sakata Ink New Factory   Engineer    
19  Dang Cong Truong  Sakata Ink New Factory   Engineer    


(*)Trainee must get 70 scores or above to pass the test.

Truly Yours

Safety Manager

Nguyen Duc An