Project Office (プロジェクトの事務所 )

Project Office (プロジェクトの事務所 )

The topic I would like to introduce you today is about the project office where I am training.
The "Yokohama Minamisai District Joint Reconstruction Project" project office is located on the 6th floor of the "Tobu Tateno Building" in the Yokohama Kitasai District. It takes about 12 minutes on foot from the west exit of Yokohama Station and about 5 minutes on foot from the construction site.

The office is decorated with pictures of green trees and baseball. Many people in office like baseball, so by decorating the office like a baseball fan's room, we create an environment that excites the employees who work here.

Company provides free beverages for staffs at office break room which decors as a Bar. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday around 3:30 pm, employees are engaging in workplace exercises together (radio calisthenics). And, after that they may spend about 15 minutes eating cake, drinking coffee or tea, and exchanging non-business topics to deepening communication among staff members.

The desk area is divided into a fixed position for the production design team and the office administration team, free seats for the construction team. Employees are flexible to choose the seats wherever they want to enhance contact between departments. The seats are separated by partitions and are equipped with PC monitors, work lights, trash cans, box tissues and disinfectant wipes. Every morning, once a seat has been decided, each employee will attach a personal logo to the partition. This is to let you know who is sitting in which chair.

Room size arrangement are flexible according to the number of participants in the meeting. After the meeting is over, the users should return the table and chair to its original status, so it can be used for large meetings as well as small meetings. Large screens and projectors were also installed, making it more of an open meeting space than a closed one.


Employees keep personal computers, documents, etc. in either personal lockers in the office or personal lockers in the changing rooms. By doing this, documents and computers will be managed in the office to avoid being missing. Company uniforms are worn only at work, and outside working hours, employees can wear their favorite clothes to work according to their personalities and tastes.

It is a dynamic working environment that are able to boost employee productivity and the company's image in the eyes of investors and partner companies, isn’t it?

Reported by Mr. Bui Huy Hoang
M&E Department – Hanoi
Training in Japan from 13th  September 2022