Report of Internal Safety Training 01/Oct, 14/ST-OVC

Report of Internal Safety Training

Reference No.: 01/Oct., 14/ST-OVC
Training Date: October 18, 2014

Contents: General Legal & Safety Requirements; Electrical/Falling/Fire Hazards 
and Accidents at sites; Why & How to prevent them.


I. Photos of Training:



II. Results of Training:


No  Full Name Project  Scores    Result (*)
 1 Nguyen Tuan Vinh  VSIP II Misc.  100/100  Pass
 2  Truong Trong Hy   Aeon Canary Pro.  98/100  Pass
 3  Nguyen Tan Phong  Sanwa Egg Pro.  98/100  Pass
 4  Pham Tran Duat  VSIP II Misc  98/100  Pass
 5  Bui The Huy  Sanwa Egg Pro  98/100  Pass


(*)Trainee must get 70 scores or above to pass the test.

Truly Yours

Safety Manager

Nguyen Duc An