Tokyo Station

As soon as I arrived in Japan, I got a chance to explore Tokyo Station, one of the most important stations with a long history and important cultural values in Japan.

As a first-time visitor to the station, I was so impressed by the complexity of the station's structure and the number of people within; therefore, I couldn’t find the exit. After searching the information on the guide board at the station, I was finally able to find my way on my own, then I spent a lot of time sightseeing and taking pictures at Tokyo Station.

As far as I find out, the station started to be built from March 1908 to December 1914, included cultural landscapes and monuments of historical, cultural and natural value. Tokyo Station was designated an Important Cultural Property in Japan in 2003.
To get to know Tokyo, it's not enough to just go sightseeing for one day . If you have the chance, please take a trip to Japan

Trainee in 2022
Vu Thanh Diep (Mr.)
Project Management Section – HCM
Training in Japan from 13th  September 2022