Nikko (日光)

Nikko is a city  located in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. Nikko is famous for its beautiful autumn scenery, and the best time to see the autumn leaves is from October to late November.
Mr. Kato, despite his busy work, still arranged time to take us on a Nikko city Tour by Car. The air here is very fresh, the natural scenery is very beautiful. We experienced the winding slope of Irohazaka for downhill and uphill that has 48 sharp curves then we went to visit Kegon waterfall.

Photo was taken at Nikko on 03 November 2022 – from left to right: Mr. Kato, Mr. Diep, Mr. Dung, Mr. Hoang

Irohazaka winding slope viewed from above) - Internet Source Photo

In fact, it is as beautiful as the picture you see.

Kegon waterfall has a height of 97m, which is very beautiful in autumn

Kegon waterfall 

Then I went to Toshogu shrine at Yomeimon gate, this is a famous temple with history of more than 300 years. The ancient temple is surrounded by big trees, the scenery is really beautiful. The five-story pagoda also is colorful as one of the most splendid five-story pagodas in Japan.
Also, as far as I know, the structure of this five-story pagoda is used as a reference for the earthquake resistant system of Obayashi's pride Skytree tower

Five-Storey Pagoda

Tokyo Sky Tree  

Toshogu Temple

In the temple, there are many ancient trees that have been standing tall for hundreds of years, the architecture is very beautiful. Many tourists including Japaneses and foreigners come here on vacation.

The brightly colored and intricately carved, gold-plated Yomeimon Gate is also known as the Higurashimon Gate, which means it never gets boring to look at.

Among the Toshogu shrines with their splendid carvings, the most famous are the three wise monkeys. That is the carving on the building called Shinkyusha, where sacred horses are kept. , “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil"", which is the admonition not to do things that are harmful to oneself and the defects of others.

The Sleeping Cat sculpture

In addition to the sculpture of 3 wise monkeys, the sleeping cat is also very popular. The back of the work is engraved with a picture of a sparrow, with the meaning "Peaceful time when sparrows are not eaten because cats are sleeping".

My lucky draw has the meanings as belows:
• Knowledge is extremely vast
• Keep learning to expand your knowledge
Now it's like a reminder to me.
There is a lot of knowledge out there, we need to constantly learn and accumulate knowledge to be successful.

Trainee in 2022
Le Trung Dung (Mr.)
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