Impressions on overseas training in Japan

Feeling before coming back to Vietnam
A year on my training in Japan is passing so fast. The closer I got back, the more I was in a bittersweet mood, hard to describe. Glad to be returning to Vietnam to meet family, friends and colleagues in Vietnam. Sad because about to break up with colleagues with Japanese friends who helped me during the past 1 year.

Opportunities to learn technique and also Japanese culture etc.
Going to Japan is the dream of many people. For me too, being trained in Japan is a great opportunity to learn more about professional knowledge, experience a new life as well as learn about Japanese culture and cuisine in a very special country. beautiful. A year living in Japan is really an unforgettable time.

First impression of Japan, public transportation
The first impression about Japan is that it is very quiet, clean, roads are very few motorcycles. People mainly travel by public transport as trams and buses. I have often heard that trains in Japan are very modern trains, running smoothly that people often sleep on them. The first time on the train, I was very surprised and mixed with strange interest. Traffic in Japan is very safe, convenient and beautiful. The traffic of Japan is amazing.

Food in Japan

I also got to know Japanese food pretty quickly. Lunch box in Japan is so popular that most people use it for their lunch. In addition, people can also choose Japanese noodles such as ramen, udon ... for their menu. Sashimi is my favorite food, but it is only occasionally eaten because its price is quite expensive. With 1 normal lunch box about 500 ~ 600 yen (about 100k ~ 120k VND). Overall, Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world.

About work, after finishing Japanese course at Kanda language center. I was transferred to an internship at an office building project in the most bustling area of Tokyo, shinjuku. I have learned a lot of knowledge about safety management, progress management and expertise. I am very impressed with the construction site in Japan which is very clean, safe, professional working people, high sense of responsibility.

Goal except for training

Besides work, I also spend a lot of time on sightseeing and exploring Japanese landscape and culture. Especially for long vacations such as Golden Week and summer holidays. Through the trips I have learned many places in the beautiful Japan, and learned a lot, especially Japanese.

I would like to sincerely thank the company for giving me the opportunity to go to Japan to study. I want to apply the knowledge I have learned in Japan to my job in Vietnam. Such as safety management procedures, records management procedures, and equipment for tall buildings. Moreover, I want to continue using Japanese for my work.
On the occasion of the New Year, wish everyone a lot of health, success and happiness.

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