Connecting Our Hearts Together

From 2019, we changed our slogan to: “Connecting Our Hearts Together”.

The slogan brings us the importance of making connections. It’s about the connection among individuals, among departments and among gemba. We want to emphasize that we put our heart, our mind and our soul in every single work we do at Obayashi and finally we bring our customers the best quality and scheduled project from the working result of a group of enthusiastic people.
The connection brings people together, closer to each other, so that we can achieve more when we are together. It bridges the gap between individuals and groups through flow of information and understanding between them to bring best performance in work.

Another culture in Obayashi is 3C, which means:
    - Communication
    - Challenge
    - Continuous improvement.

In Obayashi, communication is the best way to connect people, to spread information in team and company. It is considered the important thing to develop company, develop people here.

Challenge helps people to be the best of them. No one can be the best of them if they accept their current achievement, do not explore themselves more. People can be better than if they always want to challenge themselves, to be the best of them.

On the world, everything is always change, if don't want to step back, the only way is to change yourself and to become better.

Do not forget 3C to be your best.